What is Service? At Call Paladin, Service is Above Self.

We believe it is important to participate in Service to Our Community, Internationally, Our Vocations, Our Friends, and to Future Generations. Service Above Self means to give of our Time, our Talents, and our Gifts. Service is an Investment in our World.

Community Service

Community Service - Look around your community, town, city, your state. Is there someone that could use your help to serve? With Call Paladin, we are active in our community by supporting our local Rotary Clubs' activity of a Dental Sealant Program in our Schools, Building Ramps for folks to give them a better quality of life.

International Service

Look around the World and you never fail to see the Need of Others, especially the Children. Use the leverage of community leaders to seek out and serve the world. With Paladin, we leverage our Talents and Skills of local Rotary Clubs with Intl Rotary Clubs to provide services to children and parents throughout the world. Our activities include providing Emergency Dental Services to the children in the barrios of Granada, Nicaragua to the Hope for Venezuelan Refugees in Colombia.

Vocational Service

Sharing with others the importance and needs of your vocation with others. Support the success of other vocations by giving them access to your friends and contacts. This is the meaning of Vocational Service.

Club Service

You need help to change the world. Join a Club and participate with other like-minded people to get the Leverage you will need to make changes of Peace, Health, and Success throughout the world.

Service to Future Generations

To serve the world you will need to set the stage to continue the work for future generations. Show the youth of your community what it means to Serve.